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Paradise Garden Club Resource Center

Welcome to the PGC Resource Center, where we aim to support our gardeners, young and old, with lessons, recipes, and other resources. Check out topics that interest you! If there are plants you'd like to grow or something you'd like to know, ask us!

If you're a resident of Paradise at Parkside Apartments in Washington, DC, and would like to grow anything in the garden or join the PGC, please email Nick Drozdiak or click here.

The Garden Club welcomes your support as we nurture educational and wellbeing opportunities alongside our community allies, and as we expand. You can contribute via the DONATE button on the top right of the menu bar.


Basic Lessons

(grades 1-3)


Gardening tips

(grades 4 and up)


Inspiring Videos

for everyone


Other links

(even more stuff)

The Paradise Community Garden

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