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Washington, DC  20007


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Neighborhood Associates Corporation is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) incorporated in the District of Columbia.

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Our Neighborhoods

Carver Terrace
Washington, DC

A peaceful complex situated in Washington, DC's Ward 5, with the Capitol dome in sight, Carver Terrace Apartments has come a long way from a legacy of violence and instability. Once nicknamed “Little Vietnam” for its gun violence, the garden-style apartments were redeveloped in 2000 and now enjoy a much-improved reputation as a safer, diverse, and close-knit community.​ Consisting of 312 units, Carver Terrace is home to over a thousand residents, mostly of African American, African, and Hispanic descent. In the Carver Langston neighborhood, public transport is in close proximity, and a cluster of shops, including a grocery store, sits just up the hill.

The community has access to numerous amenities, including three universities, several hospitals, a mall, and national landmarks like the National Arboretum. The original Carver Terrace property comprised 1,244 units split into three sections, and was among the largest residential complexes in the District. When developer and owner Preston Wire, Sr. passed away in 1952, he bequeathed the properties to his family. His son, Preston Wire, Jr., then managed the property, and upon his passing in 1992, he bequeathed Carver Terrace III (also known as Carver Wire) to his daughter Lyn Conyers.

The 407 units belonging to this section were divided amongst 33 different buildings. Over time, Carver Terrace I and II were bought and redeveloped. In 1997, when the units were set to be sold, residents of Carver Terrace III exercised their Tenant Right to Purchase and approached the Telesis Corporation. Together, they formed a partnership with residents to buy the property and to restore and revitalize the neighborhood.