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Resources, news, and health and safety information for the affordable housing communities in the Neighborhood Partners LLC network.

COVID-19: About Us

Available in English and Spanish

COVID-19 has challenged all of us. Our resident’s health and safety are vital for ensuring we all thrive during these tough times. Sharing your experience can help us locate resources, especially where they are most needed. NPLLC is conducting an online survey to learn how families are coping through the COVID-19 pandemic. Please click the link to begin this survey.


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Resources in your community and city

  • Schools and distance learning

  • Meals and groceries support near you

  • Staying connected while social distancing

  • Health and safety updates from property managers

  • Connecting with your Resident Coordinators

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Connect to legitimate digital and social media sources.​​

  • Community learning videos​

  • Your housing community's Instagram and Facebook

  • Announcements from property managers

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Official CDC, city, state, and federal updates and resources.​

  • Healthcare

  • Avoiding scams

  • SNAP & WIC Benefits

  • Unemployment Benefits

  • Tax Returns and Stimulus Check

  • Laws and policies to prevent the spread

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Guidelines and videos from the Center for Disease Control on:​

  • What is COVID-19?

  • Who is vulnerable?

  • What are the symptoms?

  • Help stop the spread.

  • Social distancing.

  • How to make a mask.

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Resources in your community and city to support seniors:​

  • Meals and groceries

  • Keeping you and your loved ones safe

  • What your Resident Coordinators are doing to help

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COVID-19: Programs
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