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Resources in Motion...

Our resources and initiatives in action to amplify community voices.

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Families are Artists, Creators & Teachers Program

FACT nurtures the artistic talents of families in affordable housing and inspires them to become leading creative voices in their communities. The FACT experience blends family learning, art education, and neighborhood pride. See and hear what FACT families are saying.

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After School Experiential Learning

Experiential learning activities ranging from building basic earth science structures to mastering measuring challenges. Developed and led by the dedicated Resident Coordinators from our partner organization, Neighborhood Partners LLC.

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A Leadership Strategy for America

How can local practices of care and engagement build cultures of trust, neighborliness, and intergenerational cooperation? How can we learn to lead ourselves, so that we may lead with and listen to others?


Public Kinship, a leadership strategy grounded in the precept of loving thy neighbor as thyself, offers a path toward answering these questions. Join Dr. Bobby W. Austin and a distinguished group of practitioners as they explore Public Kinship’s potential for building the dialogues we need now as part of the National Week of Conversation, hosted by the Listen First Project.

  • Dr. Bobby W. Austin, President, Neighborhood Associates,

  • George Spencer, National President, MAD DADS

  • Octavais Brown, FACT DC Teaching Artist

  • Melissa Strova-Valencia, FACT DC Artist, Teatro La Bolsa

  •  Marlesha S. Woods, FACT Instructor, Louisville KY

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