Neighborhood Associates Corporation

1101 30th Street NW, 4th Floor

Washington, DC  20007


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Neighborhood Associates Corporation is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) incorporated in the District of Columbia.

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About Us



Neighborhood Associates Corporation (NAC) is a nonprofit working to advance thoughtful and collaborative ideas from which communities can develop safe, green, healthy, prosperous, and culturally relevant solutions for neighborhood resilience. In our approach to community-building, we draw inspiration from the recommendations of Repairing the Breach: Key Ways to Support Family Life, Reclaim Our Streets, and Rebuild Civil Society in America's Communities and the work of the Asset-Based Community Development Institute, and from the residents with whom we are allied.


NAC is evolving to develop creative, actions-based solutions to issues facing residents and families throughout America's urban communities. This kind of thinking is catalyzed through problem-based solutions that focus on Public Kinship and asset-based initiatives.


NAC is an equal member of a unique association which includes the Telesis Corporation, an affordable housing developer, and the CT Group property management firm. Together, we form Neighborhood Partners LLC (NPLLC) serving 6,000 residents living in 10 urban housing communities nationwide.

As the nonprofit in NPLLC, NAC supports community-building efforts during and after development by:

  • Providing capacity-building support to communities

  • Procuring grants and developing programs

  • Helping to establish independent tenant associations

  • Supporting the training of Community Coordinators hired by the CT Group