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Neighborhood Associates Corporation is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) incorporated in the District of Columbia.

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Repairing the Breach


Published in 1996, the book, Repairing The Breach, edited by Dr. Austin speaks of hope, renewal, and action. The report is considered a critical contribution to the establishment of a civil society, safe streets, and courteous discourse in American life. This seminal report should help each of us view our society and its most pressing problems with a renewed spirit of trust and public kinship. With the publication of Repairing the Breach, which was developed by a task force of leaders from all walks of life and ethnicities, we mark the beginning of a new era of hope and dialogue among our neighbors and in our homes, our institutions, and our nation.


The Repairing the Breach initiative consisted of three components:

  1. A philanthropic and programmatic component

  2. A network of social and economic support organizations

  3. The task force report created by a forty-six member task force chaired by Ambassador Andrew Young and task force director and report editor Dr. Bobby Austin resulting in the publication of Repairing The Breach  .

Today, NAC’s Repairing the Breach Collaborative has several interrelated goals:

  1. To facilitate dialogue on the development and operation of affordable housing

  2. To support homeownership

  3. To promote civic dialogue within communities in order to support citizen/tenant responsibility and relationships among neighbors and community institutions

  4. To develop fresh visions of tenant associations and their potential for leadership development.