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Public Kinship Beyond National Recommitment Month

Updated: Jun 28, 2023

National Recommitment Month is nearly over, but there’s still time to revisit and nurture your goals, social ties, and values for 2022 and beyond. Sometimes, life gets in the way of our commitments and we lose touch with things that matter, such as relationships, health, or special projects. It doesn’t have to stay this way – now is the time to think about what truly matters and act on it.

So ask yourself: “What can I do to enrich my life and community?” As you take a personal inventory of what you believe is important and want to focus on, consider recommitting to the following:

Personal goals

Focus your efforts on a goal or aspiration that has fallen by the wayside. You might recommit to eating healthier, to saving for the next phase of your own or a loved one’s education, or to expanding the volunteering goals you set during April. It’s never too late to reinvest in yourself or your neighborhood.

Social relationships

These can be personal, professional, community, and spiritual relationships – whichever you feel needs more attention. Recommit to self-care, spending quality time with your family, assisting a colleague, checking in on an elderly neighbor, and supporting community events. For instance, you can take a walk, converse with a child or elder, share a meal with neighbors, or attend a local fundraiser. These are all examples of embracing Public Kinship that benefit you and others.

Community engagement

Community is another type of family relationship we cultivate in our social network. Engagement is how Public Kinship moves from being an “I thing” to being a “we thing.” Therefore, everyone needs to work together and commit to community-building efforts. It might be something simple like participating in a neighborhood cleanup event, donating to a local food drive, or raising funds to expand a community center. Recommit to reaching collective goals and upholding shared values by cultivating Public Kinship to maintain the integrity and safety of communities everywhere. Indeed, that’s what recommitment and embracing public kinship are about – working together for collective wellbeing while also celebrating different experiences.

Connecting with others, and showing dedication to personal and social causes will lead to happier and safer communities across the nation. So, what have you already done to celebrate Recommitment Month 2022? What is there still time to resolve to do? And where will you go from here?

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