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What's Growin' On? The Paradise Garden!

2020 summer at the Paradise Community Garden

September 3rd, 2020

It's been another hot summer, but the Paradise at Parkside Community Garden is showcasing how nature can adapt to the heat. It’s a beautiful display of resilience, all being cared for by the Paradise community itself.

Strawberries were the primary crop growing through June ... but now the tomatoes are taking over! Many have grown so fast that we’ve transplanted 15 of our 20 tomato plants out of the hydroponic towers into their own raised bed.

Moreover, the Garden’s sunflowers, squash, chard, collards, rosemary, and oregano have all been doing amazingly well. These heat-loving plants owe their success to the TLC of the community they thrive in. Several residents have been reaping what they’ve sown, tasting and enjoying these delicious crops. A savory, successful, and sustainable cycle continues….

In addition, the Garden just received its own beautifully painted Little Free Library! Soon to come: a table and tree stumps to form the Garden’s outdoor classroom. Once the pandemic is over, we look forward to having botany, nutrition, and agriculture classes for everyone who is interested. A sincere Thank-You to all of our contributory donors. We’re going to make it even more spectacular in 2021!

Come on over and check out the Community Garden at Paradise at Parkside. We can’t wait to show you what’s growing on!

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