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New Greenspace in Barclay!

Updated: Aug 18, 2020

By Alex Bain | Baltimore, MD | Nov 14, 2019

As an extension of the Greenmount Recreation Center’s campus in Barclay, the new Greenspace is designed to be an integral part of the community With vibrant murals, a climbing wall, a life-sized chess board and open play areas, the Greenspace is designed to help builds bonds among residents within and across neighborhood lines. See the slideshows below!

Last year, working with the Baltimore City Department of Recreation and Parks, the Telesis Corporation held community meetings to gather input on how to address issues of vacant property and of access to green space in Barclay. The Greenmount Recreation Center's Greenspace project arose directly from these meetings. Telesis has transformed ten vacant lots and an unused warehouse site behind the Rec. Center into a vibrant and visible community hub by an active city corridor.

The Greenspace illustrates what can result from strong, community-focused and organic partnerships. NAC is happy to play a role in making such results possible!

Additional partners and facilitators of the Greenspace project include Neighborhood Partners LLC, the Barclay-Midway-Old Goucher Coalition, the Central Baltimore Partnership, and Wells Fargo.

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