Neighborhood Associates Corporation

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Neighborhood Associates Corporation is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) incorporated in the District of Columbia.

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Community Asset-Building


Last year, Michael Shuman worked with local governments and designed a 15-step process for undertaking community economic development. He is now preparing a series of surveys, software tools, and webinars that any community can use to identify ways to increase prosperity.  Using tools such as asset mapping, leakage analysis, and even just simple local business networking support our goal to ultimately raise the social performance of businesses and local investment tools.





NAC works with resident and neighborhood groups to preserve local neighborhood icons and housing through the auspices of historic and cultural preservation. Historic Preservation is a way to ensure that an accurate and inclusive view of history is provided through preserving the tangible evidence of our collective past. Moreover, historic and cultural preservation is a means to ensure that gentrification stays at arm’s length and neighborhoods have an opportunity to grow from their rich history.

Neighborhood Associates Corporation and Telesis support Community Asset-Building in a number of ways:


NAC is currently raising capital to launch Foodscape, a company that will give affordable housing communities the ability to grow their own fruits and vegetables, using cutting-edge hydroponic technology to grow not only produce but a sustainable sense of community investment in gardening and healthy living. Working with us on this effort are the University of the District of Columbia and the Wallace Center for Sustainable Agriculture.