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Neighborhood Associates Corporation is a nonprofit 501 (c) (3) incorporated in the District of Columbia.

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Our Neighborhoods

Barclay, Midway, and Old Goucher Baltimore, MD

The historic row homes of the Barclay, Midway, and Old Goucher neighborhoods were built in the late 1800s for middle-class residents of German descent. In the 1960s, after decades of progress, the neighborhoods began a steady social and physical decline due to the loss of manufacturing jobs in Baltimore and urban flight. By the early 2000s this had led to significant neighborhood vacancies and a community in distress.

In 2004, determined residents initiated what became a four-phase, ten-year plan to revitalize the neighborhood. A host of stakeholders are involved in the project, which has attracted $50 million in investments (with another $60 million in the pipeline for projects spanning 2015 to 2016), and has garnered citywide attention.

These families, along with existing residents, have developed a core of community members dedicated to the revitalization of their community. The crucial and timely combination of physical and social redevelopment has led the Barclay, Midway, and Old Goucher neighborhoods into a process of community transformation, and in 2015, it stands in contrast to Baltimore’s other redeveloped areas as a safe, diverse, family-oriented place to live.